Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil is the founder and Director of Anointing Fire Catholic Ministries. He was ordained as a priest in 1994. He established Sehion Retreat Center under the inspiration of Holy Spirit and formed “Anointing Fire Catholic Ministries” (AFCM) for world evangelization. From its humble beginnings as a small prayer group in a remote village in India, Anointing Fire Catholic Ministries has spread the love of Christ to numerous countries. As a gifted preacher, Rev. Fr.Xavier travels across the globe extensively to preach the Good News and conduct retreats for priests, religious and laity. Through various media outlets, Rev. Fr. Xavier’s message touches the hearts of millions of people across the world. He is well known for his preaching and especially evangelization through television, radio and other mediums. Through his preaching he makes people aware of the power of the Word of God, the importance and the role of the Catholic Church, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Miracles are reported by many believers who attend the conventions led by him. Thousands of people come for healing and deliverance in his conventions. Already many such conventions have been conducted in different parts of the world, like major cities in India, UK, United States, Australia and Europe and Middle East Countries.


Encounter Retreats

A retreat geared towards young adults who desire a Christ experience. This retreat includes how to keep up the Catholic faith when facing trials and tribulations of one’s daily adult life.

Young Couples retreats

A retreat held for newly married couples who want God as the center of their relationship and true unity with one another. This retreat teaches young couples how to lead their lives based on the examples gives to us by the Holy Family of Jesus.


Focuses on areas of inner wounds in our lives such as unforgiveness, fear, loneliness, abuse, and low self-esteem which takes us away from experiencing the great magnitude of the love of Christ. This retreat aims to wash these areas of life and allows us to become a new creation in Christ.


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